Hand-painted large silk fan with big red flower

95,00 (VAT included)

  • Large silk fan hand painted with red and maroon wild flower.
  • Large size (27 cms).
  • Type of silk: Crepe Satin of Grammage 16, very resistant material.
  • Additional accessories: Washer and tassel.
  • Optional customization at no additional cost.
  • Packaging: Handmade box lined with Geltex paper with company logo, suede cover and product certificate made in Jaén (Spain).

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  • Large silk fan hand painted with red and maroon wild flower.
  • Type of silk: Crepe Satin of grammage 16, which makes it a very resistant fan since the silk from which it is made has 16 strands of Silk thread.
  • Size: Large fan, measurements: 27 cms.
  • Assembled and hand-ribbed in bocapí noble wood and hand-polished on both sides.
  • Large silk fan painted by hand and handcrafted in bocapí wood polished on both sides.
  • It belongs to our "Natura" Collection, decorated with a huge flower that covers the whole range.
  • Unique and exclusive piece, no two fans are the same.
  • This fan has red and garnet tones that give it a classic touch of great elegance.
  • Additional accessories: Washer and tassel.
  • Technique: the technique used is steam fixation. The fan is painted in natural silk following an ancient oriental technique.
  • The process begins with the tensioning of silk on the racks, once tensioned here, proceed to the delimitation of the shape that the fan will have and its design with special pencils.
  • Once the design is finished, the lines drawn with "Gutta", the special resin that we use, are delimited so that the dye does not escape and the design is not deformed.
  • Once the "Gutta" is dry (it must be dried naturally) it is painted with specific brushes for silk and natural dyes.
  • Completion of the process: Steam setting for more than 3 hours and subsequent artisan bending of the fan.
  • Packaging: the fan is protected in a handmade box lined with Geltex paper with the company logo and in turn kept inside a suede bag.
  • Inside it has a certificate of authenticity of being a product painted by hand with natural dyes and made in Jaén (Spain).
  • Personalization: If you wish, we can personalize it with a name, date, phrase or special dedication at no added cost.


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