Homologated mask made of red hand-painted silk with flower

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  • Approved mask made of red hand-painted silk with flower.
  • Personalized and reusable mask, approved mask.
  • Haute couture.
  • Washable mask. (more than 40 washes).
  • Silk Type: Satin Crepe.
  • Rubber bands in black and black waterproof 100% cotton layer.
  • Measurements: 18 cm long x 12 cm high, curvature 20 cm approx.
  • High protection, greater breathability, greater comfort.
  • It has a nose clip for a better adaptation to the face.
  • Washing: (READ WASHING MODE IN INSTRUCTIONS) (More than 40 washes)
    • Hand wash with cold water and liquid detergent.
    • Clear out.
    • Separate the two layers so that they do not touch each other.
    • Let it dry naturally.
    • Once dry, iron on both sides at cotton temperature.
    • (Avoid ironing rubber bands)
  • It has an approval certificate.
  • We give you the personalization of it if you wish, with some initials.
  • * For shipments to the Canary Islands, consult us about the rates previously at info@pepitinaruizseda.com or on our contact page.

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Approved red hand-painted silk mask with central flower.

  • Reusable, approved and washable mask.
  • Luxury mask for special events.
  • Measurements: 18 cm long x 12 cm high, curvature 20 cm approx.
  • Silk Type: Crepe Satin, 16 strands of silk thread.
  • Hand painted with natural dyes and steamed for more than 3 hours.
  • Elaborated following a millenary oriental technique step by step, tensioning painted with natural dyes and steam setting.
  • It belongs to the “Natura” collection decorated with a central flower in maroon and camel tones on a red background.
  • Our masks are made one by one with which no two are alike.
  • They are unique and exclusive pieces. We cannot make two the same.
  • They have a double layer, the exterior of silk and the interior of 100% waterproof and antibacterial cotton.
  • Rubber bands in black and waterproof cotton layer in black.
  • It has a nose clip for a better adaptation to the face.
  • It adapts perfectly to the face, very comfortable and safe.
  • They are customizable, we can personalize them with the initials at no cost.
  • Approved hand-painted silk mask (please read the product specifications).
  • * It is recommended to steam iron the cotton layer before use for greater protection, avoid ironing rubber bands.
  • Packaging: The mask is protected inside a black case and inside a plastic bag with hermetic closure, it also has a satin bag to store it.
  • Inside it has the product approval certificate and the washing specifications.
  • We remind our clients that customizing it is completely free, we can customize the mask and the bag in which it is stored.

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